Non-surgical, clinically proven aesthetics treatments that you’ll LOVE.

We specialise in anti-ageing, skin tightening, inch loss and body contouring treatments.

We offer FREE Consultations for ALL our treatments…

…we offer FREE Taster treatment sessions for all our PureGenex treatments.


Professional & Friendly

We care. I mean REALLY care. When you come to The Pines Clinic, you are assured a professional treatment from a friendly, experienced practitioner who is focused on helping you get the result you desire. Your satisfaction means the World to us.

Private Clinic

The Pines Clinic is a private clinic room where you can come and enjoy your treatment in a quiet and relaxed environment, tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the World. It's about you getting time out and enjoying the results of your treatment.

FREE Consultation or Taster

All our treatments include a FREE Consultation as standard. We offer FREE Taster sessions for all our PureGenex treatments, so that you can experience your treatment before you commit to a course. We are not aware of any other local clinic to offer FREE Taster treatments!

Hello, my name is Sarah Best, the founder of The Pines Clinic. I have over 20 years experience in the Aesthetics industry. I setup The Pines Clinic in 2015 as I felt there was a need for affordable non-surgical aesthetics treatments in a private (non-salon) setting.

The Pines Clinic offers non-invasive treatment options using PureGenex technology and minimally invasive treatment options such as botox, fillers and thread lifts. All our treatments are safe and ‘non-surgical’, carried out by professional, qualified and experienced practitioners.

The treatments we offer are incredibly effective. But we also want you to relax and enjoy your experience at The Pines Clinic. The clinic is in a private setting, so when you come to us you can leave the hustle and bustle of the World behind and enjoy some YOU time.

I am always here to help, so if you have any questions please contact me directly.

Sarah Best

Victoria Fieldhouse

” The skin on my face and neck look and feel so much firmer, the difference after just one treatment is remarkable and I can’t wait to finish my whole course. “


Anti-Ageing Treatments

Our skin changes with age and for some of us it’s not the most welcome of changes. When your body’s metabolism starts slowing in your 30’s and 40’s, so too does the bio-energy of skin cells which powers the creation of collagen, activates repair processes and even helps absorb and process ingredients applied to your complexion.

If you are concerned about the signs of ageing on your face, neck and around your eyes such as wrinkles, lines, loose and sagging skin or a listless complexion – then we have some great solutions to help you. Enjoy the feeling of turning back the clock (or slowing the clock) as you look younger, tighter and rejuvenated.

We offer a range of non-invasive anti-ageing treatments; all treatments come with a FREE taster session so that you can experience the treatmentlearn more about it and get a good idea of expected results before you commit to a course.

skin tightening

SKIN TIGHTEning Treatments

Loose skin can be the result of childbirth, weight loss or simply due to the natural ageing process. The skin can appear saggy, wrinkled and lifeless. 

Our skin tightening treatment solutions can help achieve tighter, smoother skin and improved skin conditioning giving your skin a new lease of life and filling you with renewed confidence.

Areas we can help with include areas of sagging and wrinkled skin left behind after childbirth or weight loss on the stomach, legs, arms and/or bottom. Loose sagging breast tissue, sagging and wrinkled skin on the face and neck, forehead wrinkles, double chin, sagging jowls and more.

We offer a range of non-invasive skin tightening treatment; all treatments come with a FREE taster session so that you can experience the treatment, learn more about it and get a good idea of expected results before you commit to a course. 

INCH LOSS Treatments

Do you have some stubborn inches that just won’t budge? Do you need a kick-start to help you on the way to a slimmer you? Or are you still hanging on to that post baby belly?

Our Puregenex 4D Cavi Treatment head emits ultrasonic sound energy at 40-50kHz at two separate modulations, which penetrates the skin to a depth of approximately 8-9mm. This effectively ruptures and pulverises fat cells, emptying their contents into the interstitial space and helps to start the process of lymphatic drainage (to remove fat cells from your body). 

This treatment is not a ‘magic trick’ and a level of client participation is necessary to achieve the best and long lasting results. Such as drinking water and exercising between treatments, and following a healthy diet and lifestyle. 

You can request a FREE taster session for our inch loss treatments to experience the treatment, learn more about it and get a good idea of expected results.

inch loss


We use the latest advancements in non-invasive aesthetic technology to bring you amazing Body Sculpting and Skin Tightening treatments using the PureGenex 4D-Sculpt platform.

Treatment solutions including Brazilian Bum Lifts, our Ultimate Cellulite Treatment and general Body Sculpting and Skin Tightening to shape and treat the areas that matter to you.

Our experienced therapist will design a programme of treatment focused on helping you achieve your goal.

All non-invasive (puregenex) treatments come with a FREE taster session. We offer FREE consultations for all other treatments.

Rebecca Davies

” I just wanted to thank you for your honest approach during our initial session. I needed something to help kick-start my inch loss before the wedding. Your (PureGenex) machine certainly delivers results like nothing I have experienced before and has given me such a confidence lift at a time I really needed it. “